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[ This company was created in June 1st, 2021 ]

- Why choose Nextwavegamez.com

| Our Journey: Our Founder started this company not for himself, but for the  Esports community.
Gaming Culture has evolved since early 1980's through the early 2000's drastically. Many Esports competitors worldwide came together to participate and compete in legendary tournaments together, where ultimately one person was declared the ultimate gamer. We believe it is time to adapt and bring in the next wave of gaming through our professional Esports Equipment.

If you are a ready to become that ultimate gamer then get ready for the NEXTWAVE

| Our Dedicated Customer Service Team: All customers are important to us and we will strive to reach your expectations about store items and any concerns you may have.

| Quality Products: Our products have a standard for being high quality and to satisfy many customer needs. We have a wide variety of gaming equipment both therapeutic and competitive, as well as customization's to suit your personal needs. Our items will advance your Esports needs; by bringing a soft therapeutic feeling to your sessions and preparing professionals for Esports competitions, tournaments, Duals, Live streams, and more!

| Stock: We have in stock products that will improve your quality of gaming including headphones, microphones, portable consoles, controllers (compatible with ps4, Xbox, Wii, GameCube, and switch), keyboards & mouse, and comfortable game chairs.